Touch Screens

Durable and able to withstand tough kitchen environments, our powerful Kitchen Armor touch screen monitors work just as well as they look.


ConnectSmart Kitchen

Our ConnectSmart® Kitchen (CSK) solution is the worldwide leader in kitchen display systems. CSK is dynamic, flexible, and scalable for your operation. With kitchen video, enhanced routing options, and comprehensive real-time data, CSK can help you improve your service, increase your profits and implement an off-premise dining strategy.

Bump Bars

Our bump bars are the most dependable in the industry. They’re built to withstand the harshest environments and are easily programmable

Recipe Viewer

QSR’s recipe viewer is called TeamAssist. TeamAssist keeps track of recipes and standard operating procedures, so your plates are consistent and accurate, and training new employees is painless and fast. This software also eliminates recipe cards and DVDs—so you get all of the features and none of the clut


Our controllers set the standard for reliability, and they’re flexible for your needs. Power your kitchen with controllers that really work.


We offer flexible and durable restaurant bracketing options for your mounting needs, including adapter plates and brackets.

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